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What’s wrong with Capitalism?

January 16, 2014

East Midlands Green Party Blog

Vote Green if you feel you are not benefiting from capitalism.

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More Houses, Flats, Cars, Traffic…

April 11, 2010

More and more and more houses, flats, cars, traffic…  Residents of Eastfield Road have raised concerns about plans for the development of the first phase of a new urban quarter in Wellingborough.  The plan for the Eastfield Urban Quarter is for a development including shops, houses and hundreds of flats.  This site is next to the railway station, making them prime commuter property.

Wellingborough will soon become commuter-ville if the Conservatives/Labour/Liberals (who all live elsewhere) get their way, with no shops in the town centre, no public services, not enough dentists or doctors, and no countryside. Have we all had enough yet of broken promises from these people or are we about to become North Londonshire as advertised with our money.

Jonathan Hornett

Stop Over Developing North Northants

March 25, 2010

North Northamptonshire at the moment is a lovely place to live and has many great assets, like our wonderful parks, the picturesque Nene Valley, amazing countryside and some great leisure facilities.  But much of the countryside and the Nene Valley will soon be built on due to a government housing quota.  Our roads and railways, doctors, dentists and other public services are already full, and development plans do not include enough improvements to infrastructure or services.  We do not want local people and the environment to suffer because of thousands of new houses built here that no one needs or wants.

The Green Party simply sees the need for a change in government policy to protect the environment, and how far we have to travel to work is one of our concerns.  Green Party policy is to enable people to live closer to their work.  If you want to move anywhere, that’s fine, but most people would prefer to live and work in the same place.  Yes many people do move and this is often due to house prices, which are lower in North Northamptonshire.  This is because demand for houses in the area is at an all time low.

The fact that our local councils are spending tax payer’s money advertising the developments in London seems to prove that the development is unnecessary anymore.  Labour and the Conservatives are planning to fill this area with houses for commuters.  I can’t see how tempting people to move further away from their work will help the local economy or the environment – we’ll just get more people here, higher house prices and more pollution generated by people traveling further to work. Local people will not gain, local people don’t want these houses, and it’s local people that should decide not Labour or Conservative ministers that don‘t represent local views.