3G Pitch Battle – Children At Greatest Risk


Jonathan Hornett - Your Green Party Candidate

3G Cancer Ex-NHS chief claims 3G football pitches may have given his son cancer – Mirror Online

The lines have been drawn at a Wellingborough Leisure Centre, but nanoparticles will cross them.  The proposed Redwell 3G Pitch is next to a primary school, and tyre rubber crumb dust from the pitch will blow into classrooms.  Studies have shown these invisible nanoparticles act like asbestos.  We all now about illnesses caused by asbestos, which is why local people want to know why they and their children should be exposed?

Occasional Exposures Reduce Risk

Stuart L Shalat, scientist at EOHSI (Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute) states “Given that there are only occasional exposures this tends to reduce the risk of adverse health effects.” But local residents argue that there are no “only occasional exposures” for the children in the adjoining school nor for the people living in neighbouring houses.

This really needs rethinking…

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