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Emerging from the Green Closet

November 23, 2016

As you may have noticed this blog has been on a fairly long hiatus in 2016 and now  has changed hands, so I’ll start with a “hello!”.

My name is Scott and I was nominated at our local AGM to take over running of the website and social media presence. I am Northampton born and bred and work in the county, in healthcare not computing so I’m no master of code or web design but I will try my best to at least keep things up to date.

I joined the Green Party in 2015 but had been a closet Green Party supporter since about 2010. I say closet because I come from a blue family in a blue town so the subject was largely avoided at family and social gatherings. Anyone I did tell usually garnered the response.

“So are you hippy now or something?”

This usually means I have to explain myself, which tends to work out positively.

There are 3 main reasons I joined and am keen to be active in the Green Party.

1: They actually do something locally. I live in South Northamptonshire which is as safe a Tory seat as they come, so have never been heavily canvassed by anybody. The only time I ever saw local politics in action was when the Green Party had a stall in town, were protesting against something or undertaking litter picks. I had received a couple of lib dem leaflets whilst living in the town centre, but nothing of any consequence. Currently, fellow local party members are trying hold our council to account on air pollution, traffic and provision for safe transport. This is being done without any representation on the local council. Imagine the work we could get done with elected members.

2: They  aren’t the  Tories/Labour/Lib dems: Since graduating in 2009, I have worked in the NHS and have seen the problem change from overburdening targets and bureaucracy to overburdening targets, bureaucracy and chronic under funding. As far as I can see the only difference being the  colour of government. I am quite sure the current government want to remove the N in NHS. Evidence for this is seen in Health & Social Act 2012, Scrapping  nursing bursaries and the upcoming STPs. Whilst the lib dems seemed to temper the Tory excesses in 2010-15 I can’t vote for them due to crossing their own red line of Tuition Fees. My experience of the labour party in this time seems to suggest they can’t even decide what or who they stand for let alone fight an election. A number of times I’ve hoped they would oppose something e.g. Trident or Heathrow expansion, but have been found wanting. As yet the Green Party have not been mired in corruption, scandal or betrayal. Maybe it’s naive to suggest they never will be, but it is a good place to start.

3: I actually agree with their policies: Kind of an important one, No? No political party can completely align with ones world view but I think the Green Party aligns closest of all the parties. I feel that the biggest threats to our long term safety and well being are not Islamic terrorism or feckless spending but climate change and poverty so tackling these in my view transcend party politics and should be centre stage of any policy. With Brexit and Trump it feels like the world is moving away from Green issues, and people are looking for alternatives to the establishment. This is exactly why we should become a bigger political force in the coming years. It would be nice to dispel the “mad hippy” myth.


Our focus for now is to prepare for local county council elections in 2017 and continue the Air Quality Campaign in Northamptonshire. We meet every month and I was hoping the blog could be opened up to our members to post about local or national issues that are  close to their heart. If you have something you would like to write about that you think would fit with the Green ethos please message me via Twitter and see what we can do!