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British government ditches plans for zero carbon homes

July 18, 2015

Energy in Demand - Sustainable Energy - Rod Janssen

Philip Oldfield writes in the Guardian about the government decision to axe plans to make new homes carbon neutral from 2016. This has raised much criticism. What the article does not mention is how the government will now meet its related obligations for nearly zero energy buildings under the EU’s energy performance of buildings directive.

UK scraps zero carbon homes target

Housebuilders, planners and green groups have condemned the government for scrapping plans to make all new UK homes carbon neutral.

The zero carbon homes policy was first announced in 2006 by the then-chancellor Gordon Brown, who said Britain was the first country to make such a commitment.

It would have ensured that all new dwellings from 2016 would generate as much energy on-site – through renewable sources, such as wind or solar power – as they would use in heating, hot water, lighting and ventilation. This was to be…

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