MEP caught up in Channel Tunnel delays calls stop to “demonisation of migrants”


People_Keith_TaylorAfter being delayed for over 4 hours yesterday at Dover because of a Calais Port strike, Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for South East England, has called for a stop to the “demonisation of migrants” and for “humanity” and “compassion” to be shown towards migrants who used the strike as an opportunity to try and gain entry to the UK.

Keith was on his way from London to Brussels via the Euro tunnel yesterday afternoon when he was caught up in the travel delays at Dover.

Despite some sections of the media blaming migrants for trying to take advantage of the transport chaos caused by the strike, Keith is adamant that the demonisation of migrants who attempted to board lorries is very unwelcome.

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, said:

“It was inconvenient being held up at Dover for over 4 hours but this bears no comparison to the misery and suffering migrants face on a daily basis at Calais. The real crisis here is for those seeking sanctuary, not for the irritated passengers.

We have to show more humanity and compassion and I’m shocked by those who have used this crisis as an opportunity to demonise desperate migrants taking desperate measures.

I have the great benefit of being lucky enough to be born in Britain but who could say what any of us would do if we are fleeing miserable conditions in unsafe countries.

Better opportunities for legal access to Britain would be a good response to yesterday’s crisis, and greater commitment to combating the underlying reasons why refugees flee their country of origin.”


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