Labour’s candidate for Wellingborough and Rushden Richard Garvie suspended after conviction for fraud


garvieWellingborough’s Labour Parliamentary candidate, Richard Garvie, has just stepped down after a conviction for fraud.

Melanie Cutler, local candidate for the Green Party said “this leaves just four candidates, but don’t forget the Conservative candidate,  Peter Bone also has had questions to answer about alleged benefit fraud, it’s all happening here”

Labour candidate for Wellingborough & Rushden Richard Garvie has also been suspended from the Labour Party.

He was found guilty at Wellingborough Magistrates Court on Thursday of £900 train ticket fraud.

The court heard how Mr Garvie had travelled 17 times between Wellingborough and London St Pancras and paid for his tickets with a credit card which was linked to an account which was closed.

The court was told he had a previous conviction for theft and fare dodging which he did not disclose to the Labour Party before he was selected to the Labour candidate.

He was released on conditional bail and will be sentenced next month.

Mr Garvie has appealed the decision.

His name will still be on the ballot paper when people go to vote next Thursday in the General Election.

Garvie said: “I have so I believe been suspended from the Labour Party as i received an email.

“I do not know whether to keep campaigning or not.”

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