Make today a Green Sunday


green sundayWe’ve had a ‘Mad Saturday’ and a ‘Black Friday’ so why not have a Green Sunday?  Sunday should not be a day for rushing to the shops; it should be a day to relax and to consider more important things.  Northamptonshire Green Party has already considered another five years of Conserative/Labour/Lib-Dem/UKIP cuts and their anti-environmental and anti-people policies.  Your local Green Party wants to stand candidates in your parliamentary constituency in May; but we can’t do it without raising some money first. We have selected five candidates that we hope to stand in the Parliamentary Elections next May and these are :

– Corby, Jonathan Hornett
– Daventry, Steve Whiffen
– Northampton South, Julie Hawkins
– Northampton North, Tony Clarke
– Wellingborough, Marion Turner-Hawes

It will cost £500 for the deposit to stand each candidate, and if we want to stand all five candidates we need to raise money!  To do this, we have launched a Crowdfunder campaign.

Crowdfunder have been working with the Green Party over the last couple of months and there are currently 18 Party campaigns listed on their website. The site allows you to make a donation, at a level of your choosing, and it goes towards the overall target. We have set an initial target of £1500 to raise; this would cover deposits for three of the candidates. We need to achieve this target to get your donations, any less would mean nothing has been raised or donated (it’s how Crowdfunder works) so your support is vital!

Please visit our Crowdfunder Webpage by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please let me know – but if you do one thing, make today a Green Sunday by visiting our Crowdfunder web page and pledging a donation.

Thank you, in advance, for any support that you can give.

Jonathan Hornett


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