Labour supporters should vote for a real alternative – Steve Whiffen


231120142192I have heard a lot of Labour supporters suggesting the Green Party should not field candidates in certain seats as it would ‘split the left’ and let the Tories in.

A couple of points.

A large number of Labour MPs campaigned to keep the current voting system which perpetuates the failed two party system.

Labour has lost the right to represent ordinary working people. Introducing tuition fees, saddling the NHS with crippling PFI debt, keeping weapons of mass destruction (Trident), weak opposition to TTIP and fracking, cosying up to big business, anti-terror laws used to suppress peaceful protest, illegal wars and so much more. They are too close to the Tories and are lurching to the right on immigration to head off UKIP.

Labour is targeting a seat held by Caroline Lucas, MP of the year, and one of the few bright lights in a grey and corrupt Westminster.

It’s time for people to vote for a real alternative. Truly left, truly radical, true to its principles.

I don’t want another Tory government but, having been hugely disappointed and often shocked by New Labour’s record, I don’t want Labour in either. Time to crack the two party old boys’ system.


Steve Whiffen – Green Party Candidate for Daventry

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