Rights of People with Disability – Learning Disability Alliance Launch.

MarionGreat launch of the Learning Disability Alliance on Friday in Manchester. Some deeply moving contributions from all present especially from people themselves and their families. Like the mother who’s son was abused whilst in care and has since been moved from pillar to post deeper into to Hospital care Services to protect him. Resulting in his freedom, over the 2 years since the abuse, being more and more restricted whilst the perpetrator of the abuse has long since served his 6 month sentence.
As the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough I shared my decision to stand and my wish to speak up for disabled, vulnerable and older people across the County. I also encouraged :- ‘Let’s not just influence the political parties, let’s write their manifestos for them’.
The Green Party is keen to have people’s ideas about how we can make the lives of disabled people much much better. Please send your thoughts through and I will pass them on to people writing our manifesto.  Please email to marionturnerhawes@northantsgreenparty.org.uk
A draft of Ideas about creating more Housing for People with disabilities and enabling more choice to follow soon……

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