ECIU: Comment on EU 2030 climate & energy package


pylonCommenting on the 2030 climate and energy package agreed today by EU heads of state, Richard Black, director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), said: “The EU deal was probably the best compromise that progressive countries could hope for, given concerns of various nations about coal-burning and competitiveness.

“However, it is also a compromise with the climate system and with the needs of future generations. It’s not at all clear that this deal will allow the EU to meet its long-term target of virtually eliminating carbon emissions by mid-century, which science suggests is necessary for limiting global warming to 2 Celsius.

“The next generation of European leaders may look back and conclude that this generation has given them a hospital pass.”

Notes – European Council (23 and 24 October 2014): Conclusions on 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework

About – The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit is a non-profit organisation supporting informed debate on energy and climate change issues in the UK. Britain faces important choices on energy and on responding to climate change, and they believe it is vital that debates on these issues are underpinned by evidence and set in their proper context.

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