Human Rights Tour Comes to Northampton


Human Rights TourUniversal human rights. Written down 1948. Relevant forever? Come and join the conversation…

You are invited to the 4th year of the British Institute of Human Rights'(BIHR) hugely successful Human Rights Tour.

The idea is simple, go across the UK holding free to attend pop-up events in local communities, raising awareness about human rights, how they are relevant in everyday life & having a space for debate & discussion.

For this year’s tour BIHR are holding twelve events across the length and breadth of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They have been invited to lots of towns and cities they have never visited before, and some old favourites. Their fantastic group of local partner organisations will help ensure the events are rooted in local concerns as well as the national debates. The tour comes to Northampton on 21st October and is being hosted by the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council (NREC) for information on where and when follow this link:

The Human Rights Tour is for you whether you are an interested individual, a voluntary sector worker or a public servant; come along and join the conversation. The content for the pop-up event is a mix of presentations, discussions and interactive sessions, with some creative elements too! Between 10am – 4pm BIHR will cover:

Where do human rights come from? Our human rights history in 60 minutes!
Human rights law for non-lawyers: Introduction to the Human Rights Act
Making human rights work in your work: Applying human rights in real life situations
The human rights conversation: Human rights in the media, in politics and in your community

The events provide an excellent forum for learning about human rights, and networking with organisations and representatives in your community. BIHR and NREC hope to see you there.

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