Fracking bribe means ‘Green Deal’ a dismal failure

Clr Andrew Cooper, speaking for the Green Party on Energy said “Today’s Government move is nothing less than a bribe to councils to accept the highly unpopular and environmentally damaging shale gas extraction. This is taxpayers’ money to bribe councils into easy acceptance of a highly polluting industry and it’s a major subsidy to the industry.
“The Government is committed to pushing fracking through with a £100,000 bribe from industry . Cameron’s new major finance bribe will adversely affect those Councils that stand up for their local communities against the interests of the shale gas industry especially in the north where fracking is being targeted”
“Last month, Government seriously scaled back support for people to insulate their homes, promoting it as £50 off household energy bills – money which most people will never see.  Drastically cutting the Energy Company Obligation to improve insulation in homes, means it is clear that Government has no interest in helping householders control their energy demand.
“The Coalition’s Green Deal is a dismal failure.
“The real deal is a proper ‘Green Deal’. The Green Party says, Let’s have an industrial strategy that creates hundreds of thousands of renewable energy jobs, and which properly invests in energy efficiency measures for households so they can reduce their energy needs. Permanently.
“Greens note that Cameron makes no claim any more that fracked gas will reduce fuel bills for householders and it is clear that it will have no benefit for those households in fuel poverty.
“We also see that this policy is not being applied to renewable energy installations: this typifies the government’s lack of commitment to the green economic sector and we’re already at serious risk of completely missing national renewable energy targets
“We are likely to see huge local opposition to fracking – and the Government knows it. Bribing councils is their last ditch attempt to get peopel to accept this damaging industry.”
Peter Cranie, North West Green Party European election candidate said: “The government is now resorting to effectively bribing local residents in a desperate attempt to impose fracking on our communities. This money is being snatched from vital public services, already under huge pressure due to government cuts.
“The strength of opposition to fracking at Barton Moss in Salford and at other sites across the north west shows that people will not be easily bought. The Green Party is now the only major political party opposed to this greedy dash for gas. However much money is offered, the facts are clear – fracking won’t bring down energy prices, produce many jobs or solve our energy crisis. Instead we need investment in clean renewable energy and energy efficiency schemes so that we confront climate change and reduce people’s energy bills.”
Cllr Gina Dowding, Lancashire County Councillor and North West Green Party European election candidate said: “In Lancashire We’ve seen a huge groundswell of local opposition to fracking. People are rightly concerned about how it will impact on their homes and their communities. This latest move to buy us off smacks of desperation and will only further strengthen our opposition to fracking and our call for investment in cleaner, greener alternatives.”

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