Green Party: ‘20mph limit a success for the Greens’


THE GREEN Party are celebrating the announcement that Islington Council will be implementing 20mph limits on all of the borough’s main roads, following extensive campaigning from local Green Party members.

Caroline Allen, Green Party spokesperson, said: “Green Councillor Katie Dawson’s motion to bring 20 mph limits across Islington is at last becoming a reality.  Islington Green Party is proud to have helped build the widespread support for 20mph limits along with many other Islington community groups.  This sensible and transformatory measure will make a real difference to the lives of communities living alongside some of our most congested roads.  This is great for the safety, health and well-being of residents across the borough”

The announcement comes after Green Party leader Natalie Bennett had launched a campaign to bring 20mph speed limits to Camden.

Ms. Bennett said: “The basic fact is, if you get hit by a car at 20mph, you are more likely to live. If you get hit at 30mph, you are more likely to die. Our argument is that where people live, work and shop there are positives to bringing in 20mph limits.”

ENDS For more information contact Zoe Hall on 0207 5490 315 or

1) For more information about the Islington Green Party, visit:

2) For Green Party leader Natalie Bennett’s campaign to bring 20mph zones to Camden, visit: 3) For more information about the Green Party, visit:


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