Campaign Against Cuts in Northampton


Northampton Alliance to Defend Public Services (NADS) would like to revitalise anti-cuts work in Northampton and wants to try to bring together as many interest groups as possible. There are various groups who are campaigning on single issues which could benefit from meeting together to discuss how to support each other and to devise imaginative ways to draw more people into activities.

The next NADS meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday 14th Feb, at the Old Black Lion from 7:15pm. There is also an open meeting to discuss immediate and longer term responses to local cuts by Northamptonshire County Council and Northampton Borough Council. This takes place on Saturday 18th Feb at the Quaker Meeting House (opposite the back of M&S) at 2pm.

Northamptonshire County Council cuts include £1 million from recycling initiatives over two years. A £1.8 million reduction in care for older people this year. £3 million to be saved for child placements. £12 million to be taken out of adult social care payments over four years. £3.3 million increase adult social care customers will have to pay for support over the next four years. £1 million reduction in the library budget of over the next four years and they are reviewing commissioning, contract monitoring and engagement teams.

Northampton Borough is intending cuts of £1.8 million, including the cut to PCSOs and restructuring of debts which will lead to job losses. These cuts will be very damaging in terms of both services and jobs. Once again the most vulnerable will suffer most. Jobs will be lost at both councils and the voluntary sector will continue to lose income from grants. The budget votes will be on the 23rd February at NCC and on the 29th February at Northampton Borough.

If you can attend on Saturday, please let Northampton Trades Council Secretary, Sarah Ansell, know as soon as possible on 01604 709757 – by 5pm on Tuesday 14th February if you can.


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