Nuclear waste site fight will continue


Campaigners who want to stop low-level nuclear waste being dumped in the county are to fight on, despite a second legal defeat.

They lost a Court of Appeal battle to stop the waste being dumped near King’s Cliffe.

They had questioned a decision by communities secretary Eric Pickles to allow Augean to dispose radioactive material at the landfill site.

However, the Appeal Court judges upheld the previous decisions which were challenged by King’s Cliffe resident Louise Bowen-West on behalf of the community.

This week’s legal fight has cost the campaigners £5,000.

Clare Langan from campaign group Wastewatchers, said: “We are dreadfully disappointed but we have spoken to our legal team and have been told that the campaign does not have to end here.”

Mr Pickles granted planning permission for the waste to be dumped at King’s Cliffe after a public inquiry in December 2010. Ms Bowen-West tried to block the proposals in the High Court but failed.

At the Court of Appeal this week her barrister Richard Drabble argued that before giving consent Mr Pickles should have ordered an environmental impact study to take account of the effect on the area of the current application and the implications of Augean’s plans to extend the area and life of the site.

An Augean spokesman said: “The court concluded that the secretary of state was reasonable in his decision and that account had appropriately been taken of the future proposals of Augean.”

The company said the Appeal Court rejected applications to appeal to the Supreme Court and deemed there was no legal issue on which the court needed to seek assistance of the European Court of Justice


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