Lies, Bigotry Violence and Division the reality of the BNP and EDL.


The planning application to open a community centre on the site of the Headlands Clicker Pub has been used by the BNP to whip up hysteria and objections on the basis of clear misinformation.
The BNP is a racist organisation which is focusing on Muslims but has also targeted people of other minorities. Facts never get in the way of the BNP when they want to whip up hysteria about the Muslim or any other community group they decide to target. Hence in the Northants ‘Patriot’ they try to suggest that pupils at Weston Favell School could be at risk from Muslims if there was a community centre in the Headlands!
Wherever they decide to organise or become involved racist incidents and attacks increase. Their friends in the EDL also get involved as the street thugs of the far right.
The BNP are also wildly inaccurate in the claims and propaganda they put out. One of their election leaflets from the last General Election, supposedly proclaiming their patriotism and Britishness had on it a Spitfire from a Polish pilots Squadron, a picture of St George who was of Turkish origin, and a group of American workers supposedly representing British workers.
• There is no plan to build a mosque on the site.
• There are already mosques in other parts of the town so there is no need for any attendance at a headlands site to grow.
• Indeed if there were more mosques there would be fewer people attending each one.
• There is no document on the NCC website from the Southall Black Sisters Trust alleging abuse in ‘Madrassas and Mosques’ in Northampton.
This should not be about short term vote grabbing for the local elections or pandering to racists, however this is dressed up as a planning objection.
It is shameful that Cllr Brian Markham who admits that the BNP have been lying to residents then plans to represent those influenced views at the planning meeting and object to the application
We call upon residents in the Headlands to consider carefully what the BNP is trying to do to the area – stir up racial and religious hatred for Muslims and consider withdrawing any objections they have made on the basis of false information and scaremongering.
We call upon Brian Markham to withdraw his objection and allow the Committee to consider the application on its merits.

We are local residents, trade unionists and faith community representatives. We include
Unite Against Fascism
Northampton Hope
Unity for Northampton
National Union of Teachers
Northampton Co-operative Party
Northants Green Party


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