Development, Profit And Sustainability


21,000 potential houses around Northampton, Daventry and Towcester is shocking but really no great surprise.
It just proves that ruthless development corporations still wield political might and have the riches to buy political power so that the rules flow in their favour. To developers and their puppet politicians our county is merely a property on Monopoly board UK, on which they can carry out environmental rape to further feather their already feathered nests. When the mess hits the fan, they will have the riches to move on, whereas the rest of us rabble must face the consequences of their ecological crime.
With populations increasing worldwide and at home, developmental devourment of arable land is unsustainable. It should be logical to prioritise food production and retention of natural environment over bleak, sterile, life-choking, concrete landscapes and all the pollution that modern lifestyles bring with it.
Statistics from Optimum Population Trust suggest that land in the UK can only support up to 30 million people, while a third of the public believe population growth is the biggest threat to future well-being, according to a 2006 Ipsos-Mori poll. There is no guarantee of continued world stability allowing further UK reliance on imports for food supplies.
I’d suspected many months back that the recent WNJPU land availability assessement consultation was a precursor to announcement of further development, testing the water for strength of local oppositions. Although local democracy means nothing in the face of development, that’s why i ran a little campaign against it in my area. More houses are a cash cow for developers. More people, a cash cow for council, corporations and government. This, just a part of an unsustainable economic system doomed to collapse due to reliance on consumption of diminishing resources.
The future holds a sprawling unnaffordable suburbia with unemployment and sparse services due to cuts. Recent debt enslavement of future generations through banking bail-outs, instead, could have financed service and infrastructure investments such as UK manufacture and fitting of solar panels to provide jobs, stimulate economy, reduce pollution and become more sustainable.
The only problem is that sustainable living and services do not reap the same profits that feather the nests of those assuming authority as our corporate and political masters.


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