Coalition to Reform Licensing Laws


News reports indicate the coalition government is looking to reform licensing laws, starting with banning the sale of below-cost alcohol. This is particularly pertinent for the city, as outlined in your recent report on alcohol availability. (The Argus, 1st October 2010)

It has been recognised by many bodies that selling alcohol below cost price encourages the binge-drinking. This has serious health impacts for the city and affects our communities and neighbourhoods, thus the banning of such loss-leading offers is something we’ve been asking for some time.

We hope the reforms will not end there though – there are a number of proposals we recently submitted to the council’s consultation on licensing that could ease anti-social problems for residents. These include: enlarging the cumulative impact area to include North Laine, London Road and Lewes Road; including health impacts as a consideration for licensing applications; and better guidelines for venues to better manage the dispersal of their customers as they leave the premises.

Time and time again residents have asked why such weak licensing legislation means they must put up with disruption and intrusion. We call on the government to hold true to their promise of reform to empower the council to make positive decisions for local people.

Councillor Pete West
St Peter’s and North Laine
Green Group Spokesperson for Licensing


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