Milton Keynes worst for Public Transport


Milton Keynes has been identified as the worst city in the country for public transport by the Campaign for Better Transport (1). In a report released this week the group says:

“Milton Keynes lags way behind the rest as the most car dependent. It ranks among the five worst scores for three quarters of indicators examined in the report.”

Milton Keynes Green Party spokesman, Alan Francis, said,

“This independent report confirms what we have been saying for many years – the city is car-dependent and has poor bus services. Public transport in Milton Keynes desperately needs to be improved. The council and the bus operators are failing the people of Milton Keynes. In Nottingham, which topped the poll as the least car dependent city, there are a good bus services and the council has introduced trams. Milton Keynes Council should have taken such initiatives but has consistently failed to do so.”

“Schemes to improve bus services in Milton Keynes are repeatedly delayed or dropped. The redesign of Station Square and public transport improvements along Midsummer Boulevard should both have been completed by now but have not even started yet.”

Mr Francis is the national Transport Speaker for the Green Party.

Note 1:

Contacts: Alan Francis (01908) 316921

(Press officer) 07852 116809

Promoted by and on behalf of Milton Keynes Green Party, 6 Spencer St, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes, MK13 0DW


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