Green conference passes Emergency Motion on Roma


On the heels of French deportations of Roma that have hit international headlines in recent weeks, Green Party autumn conference has passed an emergency motion on the issue.

The emergency motion urged “all Green Party elected representatives in local, national and international governments apply maximum pressure toward improving equality and access to services for Roma people and asserting their human rights.”

Keith Taylor, the proposer of the emergency conference motion, and the Green Party’s MEP for South East England, said: “The Roma are European citizens, yet some of their most fundamental rights – including freedom of movement within the EU and access to services – have been abused. It’s clear that the actions against them are driven by xenophobia, and represent a flouting of national obligations under international law.”

The motion expresses “profound concerns over the recent treatment of Roma people in France and Italy. In particular, the mass deportations of Roma people which appear to have been made purely on the grounds of ethnicity.” It also points out that similar actions by the governments of Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

There are an estimated 10-12 million Roma people in the EU, making them the EU’s largest ethnic minority.


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