New Labour Leader to Affect Electoral Reform


This month a crucial decision will be announced in Manchester which could affect the fate of electoral reform for a generation.

In just a few weeks we’ll find out who the next Labour leader is – and just how committed that leader is to renewing our democracy.

We’re going to need a united front to win this referendum on AV. We’re going to need people of all parties and none standing up and telling the political class that it’s no longer credible to spin us a yarn of the ‘new politics’ when we don’t even have a fair vote.

Manchester is the location for the Labour Party’s major annual conference and I am inviting you to join me in turning Albert Square purple on 28th September at 6pm. We will gather with banners and placards to demand that the Labour leader stays true to their commitment to fairer votes.

The Labour leadership candidates have made some promising noises so far, but certain interests within the party are urging them to abandon the cause of reform and sit out the referendum in the hope that change will be defeated. We can’t allow the same tired voices to prevail.

Join us in Manchester to demand a commitment to campaign for a Yes vote from the future Labour leader:

There are already many reformers in Labour making the case for ditching our broken voting system. Together with them, let’s show the future leader our strength of feeling.

We did it all across the country in May and it made a difference. We can make a difference again. Whether you are a Labour member or just someone who cares passionately about the need to change our politics – I hope you will join me on the 28th to show some purple solidarity.

Come to Albert Square in central Manchester, bring friends and wear purple.

Let’s take the last ever tactical vote – and win this referendum!

All the best,

Billy Bragg


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