Norwich Campaign to Form First Green Council


The Green Party is campaigning become the largest party on Norwich City Council in a mass by-election on September 9 and is aiming to form the country’s first Green administration.

Our Party have a great opportunity to become the largest party at City Hall in local elections taking place on Thursday 9th September.

For the last two years the Green Party has been the second largest party at City Hall, just two seats behind Labour.

On 9th September there are elections taking place for a third of the City Council seats – one in each ward. The elections are happening at this time following a decision of a high court judge to cancel the previous Government’s plans for unitary status for Norwich.

Key Green Party policies for the Council include:

•providing more support to initiatives such as Buy Local that stengthen the local economy and support independent businesses
•helping more residents to save money on their fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions through home insulation and renewable energy schemes
•making more council decisions in public, after finding out and considering local residents’ views, and responding to residents’ enquiries more efficiently.

Lots of members from around the country have been visiting Norwich for a couple of days or more to lend a hand and learn from the well-oile…d party machine there.

Help is needed at all times but particularly before August 26 (when postal voting starts) and in the last week before 9 September. Accommodation can be provided and travel costs reimbursed if requested in advance.

Contact 01603 611909 or

If you can’t make it in person, any donation you could give would be very well used – cheques should be made payable to ‘Norwich Green Party’ and sent to Steven Altman, 27 Clarendon Road, Norwich , NR2 2PN. Or signup on the pledgebank (34 contributors needed to meet the target!)


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