More cuts will make us all sicker


Wouldn’t it be nice if our government admitted that unemployment is rising and it isn’t the time for more cuts?

And wouldn’t it be nice if, after all their talk about fairness, the details of every cut was made public with details of who would feel the most pain?

Why are the poorest areas being hit the most?

The more they bleed our economy, the sicker Britain becomes.

We don’t need lip serve to fair treatment, we need fair treatment.

This crisis was caused by the finance sector and is now being blamed on midwives, teachers and social workers. It’s laughable that Nick Clegg should talk about kids’ happiness when the free swimming for kids and 10,000 university places will go.

Another 750,000 people joining the already unemployed can never do the country any good. Why not scrap Trident instead?

Now is the time to invest in a green infrastructure — providing jobs, not unemployment.

Such a pity that Caroline Lucas MP, the Green Party leader, wasn’t invited to join the coalition building discussions where she would have voted against job cuts to public services.

Such a pity that we now have two look, talk and dress alikes running our fragile country.

Northants needs jobs, not cuts and job losses.


2 Responses to “More cuts will make us all sicker”

  1. julie Hawkins Says:

    I like what you are saying here .. is there a way I can share it on my facebook page?

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