Earls Barton Election Policies


Jonathan Hornett, is standing in the Earls Barton By-election against Conservative, Lib Dem, and Labour candidates. The seat was held by Lucy Payne, an independent and the other two seats in the ward are held by a Tory and a Labour Councillor.

Here are some of the policies Jonathan is standing for, these also feature on his leaflet:

Free Insulation – We’re proposing free insulation for every home that needs it. Carbon emissions from homes were a staggering 21% of total emissions in the UK in 2005 and this programme alone can cut that by 25%. We’ve done the sums, looked at the timescale and we know it can be achieved within five years.

A Living Wage – The minimum wage is really a poverty wage. Every calculation shows that a real Living Wage – what we really need to provide for ourselves and our families – is at least a pound an hour higher. Greens have won a Living Wage for workers around the country, and now we want more people to benefit.

Free School Meals – At a time when the health of our children is cause for mounting concern, we want our kids to know what good food is and at least once a day, sit down to a proper balanced meal. So the Green Party would provide a free lunch in all state schools in England and Wales every school day, to every pupil.

Affordable Homes – The single biggest financial hurdle for many of us in this country is the cost of getting a roof over our heads. Quickly followed by keeping it there. The Green Party will use tough planning rules to make sure developers include truly affordable housing – for rent not just one-off sales – in all new developments.

Safer Streets – More than half the people unlucky enough to be hit by a car doing a seemingly harmless 35mph, die. We happen to think that people on foot and on bicycles have just as much right to feel safe on the streets where they live as car users, so we’ll introduce a 20 mph limit in residential urban areas, including villages.

Green Energy For All – Solar water heaters will typically save you £40 a year. And the average solar electricity installation can save up to £200 on your annual electricity bill. Never mind the CO2 you’ll save which is likely to be well over 1 tonne. That’s why we want to give as many people the chance to make their own renewable energy.

About Jonathan Hornett – He’s 36, and has lived in Wellingborough for 7 years. He is married and has 2 children, 1 of whom goes to the Hardwick schools, where he is a parent governor. He work as a retail manager and he also runs a Whist Drive. His first priority, if elected, would be improving our local environment. He will help and support all local people, groups, community residents associations and Police in making Earls Barton and Northamptonshire safer, cleaner and greener.

Make a difference to Earls Barton – Vote Green!


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