Hunting Act Under Threat


The new Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has decided that MPs will be given the opportunity to vote on whether Parliament should spend time considering a repeal of the Hunting Act.
If a majority vote in favour, the hunting of deer, foxes and hares could once again be legalised and we need your help to make sure this doesn’t happen.
We know from asking MPs their views that such a vote is going to be close and estimate that there is a slight majority that wants to keep the Hunting Act. But there are still almost 100 MPs whose voting intentions we don’t know for certain. It would only take a few abstentions and absences on the date of the vote to turn a theoretical majority into a minority and see a big step towards a return to legal hunting.
That’s why we need your help to lobby all MPs tirelessly.
In the weeks ahead we will redouble our efforts with our Keep Cruelty History campaign. We need to remind MPs that 75% of the public do not want to see a return to fox hunting, 84% do not want to see a return to deer hunting and that 85% do not want hare hunting and coursing back as legal ‘sports’. MPs listen to their constituents, so please contact your MP now.
We are seeing increasing levels of lawlessness from some hunts and hunt supporters. Threats, assaults, intimidation, road blocking and antisocial behaviour are now commonplace activities for some hunters. That’s not to mention hunting ‘accidents’ and trespass where pet cats and dogs and hunting hounds suffer injuries and even a painful and unnecessary death. Our newly-published 2009-2010 Hunting Report demonstrates the contempt that some hunts hold for the law. They think they will get their way and have the Act repealed. That’s why we need to continue to raise awareness of the suffering and havoc caused by hunts.
Over 130 people have been convicted of offences under the Act so far, and more are on their way to courts. The law can be enforced like any other law when there is a will to enforce it. We will continue to demystify the hunters’ claims.
We urgently need funding to meet the costs of:
briefing and lobbying MPs
making an impact in the media
raising public awareness
running a high profile media campaign when the vote is called
It is absolutely crucial that we make every MP aware – in particular the newly elected ones – of how the majority of people feel about the issue and ensure that he or she is there when the crucial vote comes. If you are able to help, please make a donation to our Keep Cruelty History campaign.
You can donate securely online or by post or you can call us on: 01483 524 250. Any donation helps greatly, no matter the amount.
The League Against Cruel Sports and its supporters struggled for 80 years to get the Hunting Act on the Statute Book. Sadly, we are going to have to fight one more time to keep it there. But with you behind us I am confident that we will succeed and keep wild animals safe from unnecessary suffering.
I hope we can count on your support at this vital time.

Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive
League Against Cruel Sports


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