Stop Another Beer Tax Rise



The Government has announced that an “Emergency Budget” will take place on 22nd June.

As you know, beer tax has increased by an eye-watering 26 per cent in the last two years – a £761 million tax rise – which has brought a loss of 4,000 pubs and over 40,000 jobs up and down the country.

Successive budgets have hit beer with above inflation tax increases. Now the signs are that George Osborne plans a 20 per cent increase in VAT in the emergency Budget which would have the same effect.

It is vital we do all we can to prevent this tax hike from happening.

The new Parliament, with 226 new MPs and Labour now in opposition, provides fresh opportunities for us to get our message across. 140 of the new intake backed our campaign as candidates. We need to ensure that they honour their commitment now they are MPs.

Click here now to lobby your MP ahead of the Emergency Budget.

This generates an e-mail to your MP asking them to sign EDM 42 on pubs and to write to the Chancellor supporting a freeze in beer duty, and, if there is to be a VAT rise, a cut in beer tax to help pubs.

Thanks for your support,

P.S. The “Lobby your MP” function has now been fully updated to include all the new members of Parliament.

Back the Pub Campaign


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