Leading Worcester LibDem Defects To Greens


A leading Worcester Liberal Democrat has this week resigned from his position of Chair of the local group to join the Green Party.

Alex Kear, who had been Councillor for the Claines ward for several years, has become the latest of many to turn their backs on the LibDems since their leader Nick Clegg and Conservative David Cameron took office.

Mr Kear said “I have waited a long time for the big change in British politics to come but is simply hasn’t happened. I am that annoyed with the LibDems I am now prepared to contest a LibDem seat. The Clegg effect has gone the wrong way. He is too comfortable with David Cameron.”

“I want to belong to a really progressive political party and for me the Green Party ticks all the boxes. I was inspired by Green Party’s Caroline Lucas’s win in Brighton and I am relieved to be doing the right thing.”

Further leading figures within the Worcester LibDem group are expected to follow Alex Kear in the next few days.

Louis Stephen of Worcester Green Party welcomed the move, saying “Hundreds of thousands of LibDem supporters voted tactically last week and are now faced with propping up a Conservative government. The Green Party is now the only mainstream party who are for scrapping Trident and want to see full Proportional Representation introduced. As a former member of the Liberal Democrats myself I welcome Alex Keer to the Green Party with open arms.”


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