Wellingborough will suffer again


Congrats to Peter Bone, he and his team has worked the hardest and deserved his victory.  Jayne Buckland the Labour candidate and local Labour Party also completely deserved their massive drop in votes for totally taking the people of Wellingborough and Rushden for granted; they lead an awful campaign and put up a candidate that neither comes from nor cares about the area.
Other candidates, including myself, aped the national vote with the Lib Dems showing no progress at all locally again. Generally the feeling from most of the candidates was that despite many positive campaigns, local and national media dictated the result and most people did not vote on local issues.
Unfortunately the result of this election in the Wellingborough Constituency means we will all suffer more cuts in public services, closing of local businesses, deprivation and building of housing developments where they are not needed or wanted. Wellingborough town in particular has gone downhill, but we do have some lovely statues thanks to your local Conservatives.
We need a new voting system to let people vote for what they want, not against what they don’t want so that politics can truly represent people. The Green Party really has succeeded to galvanise public support in Brighton where we now have our first MP. Caroline Lucas will make more of a difference that just another Tory. A hung parliament should make a government that works together for a change. A real change is still needed and it has just started with one Green, more to come… Thank you to all that voted Green.
Jonathan Hornett – Wellingborough Candidate


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