Womens Issues


We believe in a healthy democratic society is based on voluntary co-operation between empowered individuals, free from discrimination, whether based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social origin, or any other prejudice. The legitimate interests of all people are of equal value, and we accept the need for social institutions to protect the interests of the powerless against the powerful.

In recognition of gender equality we support the empowerment of women in terms of their participation, representation and leadership. We strive towards the transformation of gender relations to a total equality between the genders and a non gender specific society through the elimination of any form of women’s subordination, and freedom from all forms of oppression, exploitation and disrespect. We will ensure that women have economic, social and political equality with men.

Northants Green Party challenges the sexual objectification of women which takes place through the normalisation of pornography and the sex industries by many methods including lads’ magazines, advertising, lap and pole dancing.  We therefore wholeheartedly support the current campaign to re-licence lap dancing clubs as sex encounter establishments. Throughout Northamptonshire lap dancing or ‘adult entertainment’ establishments should have the strictest conditions placed on their licences, including no full nudity, no contact rules, and restrictions on their advertising.

Northants Green Party condemns all forms of domestic violence including physical, sexual, psychological and financial, and recognises the requirement of providing sufficient support services for those women and children who have experienced any form of domestic violence.  We believe better support services should be put in place to support women who have been raped or sexually abused.  Reported rapes are on the increase and yet conviction rates are at an all time low. This needs to be urgently addressed.


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