Campaign Against New ‘Super Dairy’


“Cows do not belong in fields.”

Nocton Dairies Representative*

If Nocton Dairies have their way, Lincolnshire could soon be home to a so-called ‘super dairy’. The farm’s giant sheds could house more than 8,000 cows. In fact, this would be the largest dairy in Western Europe. And the cows would be kept indoors for most of their lives.

Now more than ever, this dairy seems like a huge step backwards: the ban on barren battery cages is due to come into force in 2012 – changing the lives of millions of hens. Yet, we are at risk of taking the factory farming of cows to a whole new level.

* “Cows do not belong in fields” was suggested by a representative of Nocton Dairies in an interview on BBC Radio Humberside on 17 March 2010. Later in the interview, the representative appeared to back-track, perhaps realising that this suggestion would not play well with the public.

This huge, US-style intensive farm will also threaten the livelihood of traditional dairy farmers, who just can’t compete with big businesses.

Please stand up for animal welfare and small-scale farmers with a donation today.

Incredibly, animal welfare cannot be used as a reason for rejecting planning permission for the Nocton farm. So, working with planning experts, Compassion submitted a Formal Objection on other grounds. The local council received numerous objections and Nocton Dairies have temporarily withdrawn their proposal.

But this is just the start

The farm’s backers have already bought the land for their industrial-scale dairy and they are not simply going to walk away. We expect them to submit revised proposals shortly and we must be there, ready to fight this factory farm every step of the way.

Your donation will help us stop this ‘super dairy’ in its tracks and will help us tackle threats to farm animal welfare across Europe. Your support is essential if we are to stand in the way of factory farming and stand up for farm animals.

  Read more about the ‘super dairy’ >>

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