Skewed Evening Telegraph Election Coverage


It’s interesting that people still do not want to choose Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative, and that the Lib Dems locally show absolutely no signs of progress; but still the Evening Telegraph’s election coverage so skewed to the old three parties.

The one striking thing that I have noticed about this election is that people have realised that they can not trust these parties anymore.  This is because they are only interested in themselves and big business.  Expenses scandals, bank bailouts, 1000’s of new homes locally, new nuclear weapons, wars, candidates that live miles away and ID cards together with a few gaffes show that all three could not give a monkeys about local people.  The 3 big parties can not even be honest about cuts to our public services and we are even being re-branded and advertised as North Londonshire, enough is enough.

So please email the Evening Telegraph ( to stop just promoting these three at the expense of all of the other candidates and parties – their coverage of the election so far has been unfair to local people, it has disengaged voters and it does not represent local views.  BBC Radio Northampton shows that other parties and candidates are standing locally and even their sister paper the Chronicle and Echo in Northampton has much more balanced coverage – why not them?  I think that they should put this right and I hope that with your support their coverage improves immediately.

Jonathan Hornett – Wellingborough Green Party Candidate.


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