Stop The Badger Cull…Sign The Petition


We call upon the National Assembly of Wales to urge the Welsh Government to review the decision to undertake a Badger cull pilot scheme in North Pembrokeshire due to commence in May 2010. This review should be done in the light of the of the recent report published by Imperial College which queries the long term effectiveness of badger culls in reducing Bovine TB. We call for the pilot scheme to focus on improving farm biodiversity safety and other measures as opposed to culling.

Elin Jones stated in March 2009 that from the evidence available that a cull is necessary, yet there are reports and articles stating that various pilot schemes regarding culling have not established the extent of the role the Badger plays in spreading Bovine TB. There is also information that in certain areas where culls have taken place previously Bovine TB has actually increased in cattle, all this at the tax payers expense.

The cull could also affect the tourism industry of Wales, as hotels, caravan parks and indeed many farmer’s coastal cottages used for holiday rental that promote local wildlife, with the badger being part of this are in the cull area. Many badgers live in secluded areas that often cross coastal and bridal paths, how will holiday makers not see the evidence of this destruction, as culled badgers are to have post mortems carried out on them, this means their bodies will need to be transported through these areas in peak season.

A variety of British species carry Bovine TB, eradicating badgers in certain areas cannot eradicate Bovine TB.

Stop The Badger Cull…Sign the petition by 26/4/2010 here


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