Policies For Animal Protection


The Green Party has comprehensive policies on animal protection, including measures to support smaller scale and organic farming, to phase out all forms of factory farming and to reduce the environmental impact of meat and dairy consumption.

The Greens state “We share the world with other animals and are not entitled to ill-treat or exploit them” and also pledge to:

  • Ensure that the European ban on seal imports is implemented fully; ban the import of real fur products, but ensure that real fur is clearly labelled until a ban is in place; press the EU to ban fur factory farming; bring in non-lethal alternatives to shooting seals at fish farms.
  • Maintain the ban on hunting with dogs and extend to other blood sports, including the use of snares, and oppose badger culling.
  • Immediately ban causing harm to animals (including but not only primates) in research, testing and education, and invest in the development of alternatives to animal experiments.
  • End live animal exports and limit journey times for all animal transport.
  • Implement a full ban on the production and sale of eggs produced from hens kept in battery cages (including ‘enriched’ cages).
  • Protect biodiversity and human and animal health, always adopting the ‘precautionary principle’ with regard to any alleged benefits of new technologies such as genetic modification, cloning, xenotransplantation and nanotechnology.
  • Regulate the companion animal trade including a ban on the import of so-called ‘exotic pets’.

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