Global Poverty


Global poverty has always been something this country has talked about, but actually not followed through on.  Now with economic uncertainties our government will find another excuse to wriggle out of its commitments again.  This as you are aware is something that seams to happen over and over again resulting in the status quo we have had for the past 40 years; and it will continue if we keep on doing the same old thing with the same old parties of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats, over and over again.  The one thing I have noticed from these leaders debates is how much they all sound the same.

The Green Party has policies to make trade fair, which is all most developing countries are asking for, and to give enough aid to others that need more help.  I too simply can not understand how children are dying from simply treated ailments or starvation in 2010.  This is totally unacceptable, is easily preventable and should be the mainstay of our foreign policies, not fighting wars in Afghanistan, for people that do not want us to fight wars for them.  There are a lot worse situations in Africa that need positive intervention now to avoid catastrophic outcomes, but the government has not done anything.

While other parties are talking about being fair, the Green Party states fair is worth fighting for, and that means fair for everyone, everywhere.


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