Follow the ‘Fox Tour’


This week the League Against Cruel Sports has embarked on its ‘Fox Tour’ of constituencies where hunting is a key issue.  On Monday they were in Corby.

They are going to towns and cities up and down the country to talk to Parliamentary Candidates about hunting, and to tell them that the public don’t want to see stag hunting, hare coursing and hare hunting, and fox hunting all made legal again.

You can follow the Fox Tour on their website and on YouTube. They’ll be posting a new film every day from now until the election.  Watch their film from Corby by clicking here.

Across the country, many candidates have now told us their views on hunting, and these have been published on the Keep Cruelty History website. But some candidates have ignored our questions, and they need your help to push them for answers. Candidates can ignore them, but they’re very unlikely to ignore you, their elector.

Take Action NOW by contacting the candidates in your area to ask them where they stand on repeal of the Hunting Act.

With an election just two weeks away, we must ACT NOW to Keep Cruelty History. Please, please help the League and the Green Party by contacting your local candidates now – it only takes a few clicks.


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