Northamptonshire Green Party is standing for animals in the General Election.


The Green Party is unique in its deep commitment to the rights of animals.  The assumption that animals exist simply to be used for any human purpose is completely unacceptable and we consider that “a compassionate and respectful relationship to other sentient creatures is essential for human dignity and ultimately our own quality of life.” (Darren Johnson, London Mayoral candidate). 

The fact that we consider animals as products to be consumed makes the greatest impact on their lives. 850 million animals are killed to be used as food in the UK every year. Factory-farmed animals suffer immensely, pushed well beyond their biological limits, as profits are consistently prioritised over animal welfare. The cellophane-wrapped packages in supermarkets, concealing the grim realities of the life and death of farmed animals, serve to allow consumers to close their eyes to suffering.

Every year, nearly 3 million animals are killed in British laboratories, as well as an undisclosed number for military research. The pain and distress they suffer may be prolonged, repeated and the majority receive no anesthesia.

And despite continuing public opposition, foxes, hares, deer and mink are still hunted in England and Wales. These activities are often justified as a form of pest control, yet the truth is that hunting has little effect on populations.  Furthermore, if foxes and hares are considered pests, it is difficult to understand why there is evidence that they are protected specifically for the hunt.  If the Conservatives get in, they may reverse the Hunting Ban that we have; the Green Party would ban all hunting with hounds, coursing, shooting and snaring and would strive to promote the wellbeing of all wild creatures.


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