Green Party Stands Record Number of Candidates in the East Midlands


The Green Party has more General Election Candidates than ever standing this year in the East Midlands.  We are contesting more than a third of the seats available with 16 PPCs this year.

Broxtowe Green Party has selected David Mitchell to stand as its candidate; David says: “I am honoured to be standing for the Green Party in Broxtowe. The Green voice in our community needs official representation.”

Derbyshire has four candidates with Peter Allen in the High Peak constituency; Lee Fletcher in Erewash; Josh Stockell in the Derbyshire Dales and Duncan Kerr in Chesterfield.  Peter Allen says “I am delighted that voters in Derbyshire will now have the chance to vote Green. This election will be the most important in recent times: Britain and the world face a perfect storm as we suffer the worst financial crisis in living memory, only the Green Party offers the right response, with our programme for sustainable living and social justice.”

Leicester Green Party is standing three candidates.  The candidate for Leicester South is Dave Dixey, Geoff Forse is standing in Leicester West and Mo Taylor in Leicester East.

Northamptonshire Green Party has selected five candidates with Julie Hawkins standing in Northampton South, Tony Lochmuller in Northampton North, Jonathan Hornett in Wellingborough, Steve Whiffen in Daventry and Marcus Rock in South Northants.  Jonathan says “We stand for a fairer society, and making the green option the easiest and cheapest one is part of that.  We think Fair is Worth Fighting For.”

Nottingham Green Party are fielding candidates in Nottingham South, Nottingham East and Ruschliffe with Matthew Butcher, Benjamin Hoare and Richard Mallender as their PPCs.  Richard says “Re-building our economy and combating climate change are our highest priorities. Only the Green Party has the policies that will let us do both.”


2 Responses to “Green Party Stands Record Number of Candidates in the East Midlands”

  1. Paul King Says:

    I have been in touch with Duncan Kerr regarding a Christian-organised hustings on Wed 28th. I need to be in touch again, but no address is given for him on the calling notice outside the Town hall. Please can I have a suface-mail address or phone number?

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