Young Litter Pickers Clean Up Our Mess


It shows that some young people do care, they pulled more than 10 shopping trolleys from a stream on the second day of a big clean-up in Wellingborough last week, there were also a lot of car tyres, clothes, lots of bottles and cans, two or three scooters and a couple of bikes; well done and thanks to them the area around the Croyland stream is cleaner. It’s a shame that other people don’t care; I can’t understand why so much rubbish is thrown around by these disgusting yobs. They need to be prosecuted when caught because the few that litter are spoiling our town for the rest of us.

Wellingborough Borough Council needs to be more pro-active in deterring litterers and also hold companies whose refuse is constantly found strewn around the town accountable. Around Tescos there’s lots of their bags flittering around in the trees. McDonalds, KFC and other fast food outlets seem to advertise with their litter, perhaps this is why they do so little to clear up their litter?  We all need to tell these (and other) companies to clean up or we’ll go elsewhere; young people do generally care and it’s about time the rest of us caught them up!

Jonathan Hornett


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