New Candidate Formally Announced


On the day that the date of the General Election has finally been announced, we are formally announcing a new candidate; Steve Whiffen who is standing in Daventry. The results of a special ballot meant that Steve was elected unanimously at the Green Party Meeting in Northampton last night.

Steve Whiffen is 47 and has lived in Northamptonshire for seven years since relocating from South London. He is married with four teenage children, all of whom attend local schools and colleges, and two chickens which don’t. He works full time for a large charity which aims to provide better lives for older people. In his spare time, Steve is a local Parish Councillor and chairs its Recreation Committee. He is also a qualified minibus driver with Daventry Area Community Transport and a member of the Brixworth Youth Foundation, which runs a local youth club at which his wife is a volunteer.

Steve is passionate about local matters. He wants to improve public transport and local community facilities such as libraries and parks. He’d like to see local businesses thrive so that they can provide employment to local people, help to reduce unnecessary car journeys and to regenerate the local economy.

His respect for the countryside means that he has a special interest in planning issues which can affect local residents. He has a keen advocate of local communities becoming more self-sufficient through schemes that encourage people to grow their own food. His passion for social justice makes him want a fair tax on the banks, better use of taxpayers’ money and well-funded public services.

He joins our other parliamentary candidates on May 6th with Julie Hawkins standing in Northampton South, Tony Lochmuller in Northampton North, Jonathan Hornett in Wellingborough and Marcus Rock in South Northants.



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