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Green Minute Manifestos

April 29, 2010

The Northamptonshire Green Party Candidates in the General Election give their Minute Manifestos to the BBC.

Marcus in South Northamptonshire states that we will tackle poverty, plus invest in public transport and green industries here

Jonathan in Wellingborough talks about revitalising our community, stopping over-development and public services here.

Steve in Daventry describes how the Green Party will reform government finances, taxation and pensions here.

Julie in Northampton South talks about wicked policies to make 87% of us better off under the Greens here.

Tony in Northampton North promises that we are honest, that we’ll stop privatising the NHS and that we will create one million jobs here.

What if the BNP win a seat?

April 29, 2010

What if Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and the BNP win a seat in Parliament 6th May?

This is the horrifying scene we could be watching on TV if that happens:

Watch this video

I know we all have a million things to do this weekend. The election is probably the last thing on your mind.

But if a Nazi like Nick Griffin or Simon Darby actually wins a seat in Westminster next week, you don’t want to be thinking to yourself: what could I have done differently?

What if you had spent just two hours of your time passing out leaflets for Hope Not Hate – how many men and women could you have contacted before they cast their votes on polling day?

We only have one weekend left to do everything we can to keep the BNP out of Parliament. Sign up now for our Stoke-on-Trent Day of Action on Saturday, 1st May – and bring a friend with you:

Time is running out – and Nick Griffin’s future is in your hands. Please do your part to stop the BNP before it’s too late.

Skewed Evening Telegraph Election Coverage

April 29, 2010

It’s interesting that people still do not want to choose Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative, and that the Lib Dems locally show absolutely no signs of progress; but still the Evening Telegraph’s election coverage so skewed to the old three parties.

The one striking thing that I have noticed about this election is that people have realised that they can not trust these parties anymore.  This is because they are only interested in themselves and big business.  Expenses scandals, bank bailouts, 1000’s of new homes locally, new nuclear weapons, wars, candidates that live miles away and ID cards together with a few gaffes show that all three could not give a monkeys about local people.  The 3 big parties can not even be honest about cuts to our public services and we are even being re-branded and advertised as North Londonshire, enough is enough.

So please email the Evening Telegraph ( to stop just promoting these three at the expense of all of the other candidates and parties – their coverage of the election so far has been unfair to local people, it has disengaged voters and it does not represent local views.  BBC Radio Northampton shows that other parties and candidates are standing locally and even their sister paper the Chronicle and Echo in Northampton has much more balanced coverage – why not them?  I think that they should put this right and I hope that with your support their coverage improves immediately.

Jonathan Hornett – Wellingborough Green Party Candidate.

Candidates, their policies and party platform

April 27, 2010

Please mind the gap!

There can only be one reason for all this attention: they see the Greens as front-runners in the race and regard us as the party to beat – just like the bookies.

The Tory tactics are clear – to split the progressive vote and bustle unsatisfactorily through the middle.

They seem to be hoping that, if the Labour share rises at the expense of the Greens who are the favourites, the maths might just work for them.

Of course, this would be a disaster for the majority of people in Brighton who do not want to be represented by a Tory.

Yet it’s interesting that Labour’s campaign locally has largely escaped close scrutiny. 

I respect my Labour opponent Nancy Platts. 

As far as her personal campaigning goes (no comment on her wider team’s tactics), she has been straightforward and kept to the issues.

However, despite this, one thing doesn’t add up.

In Nancy’s election leaflet, she starts by writing, ‘I am proud to be Labour’. 

If that were the case, one might expect her to be proudly promoting the Labour Party’s manifesto. 

Yet Nancy has spent the vast majority of her campaign promoting issues that are not Labour Party policy at all.

So she says that she’s against tuition fees (Green Party policy, not Labour Party policy).

Wants an end to school city academies (Green policy, not Labour).

Opposes cuts to university budgets (Green policy, not Labour).

Supports renationalisation of the railways (Green policy, not Labour).

Opposes replacement of Trident (Green policy, not Labour).

Wants to scrap ID cards (Green policy, not Labour).

Wants stronger trade union rights (Green policy, not Labour).

Opposes post office closures (Green policy, not Labour).

The list goes on.  

Of course, not everyone agrees with everything in their Party’s manifesto. 

But there comes a time when the gap between the candidate’s personal views and their Party’s policies widens to the point where they must lose credibility.

Don’t be fooled: if you vote Labour, you’ll be voting to prop up the Labour Party as it is – NOT for Labour as Nancy would like it to be. 

Look at those admirable Labour and ex-Labour MPs – Clare Short and Alan Simpson – who have struggled and failed to change Labour from within, ending up leaving the Party or leaving Parliament.  

It’s hard enough for MPs to fight against large party ‘machines’ at the best of times, let alone in the context of what looks likely to be a hung parliament.

The policies outlined above are all in the Green Party manifesto, and, if you trust me with your vote, I will fight for them wholeheartedly without any pressure to do otherwise.

Every indication shows that the Greens are best placed to beat the Tories in Brighton Pavilion.  

Labour and LibDem voters should back us on this occasion.

And that’s why I would urge those voters who want to support genuinely progressive views, and are desperate not to be represented by a Tory, to vote Green.

Vote Green for Young People and Education

April 27, 2010

The Green Party will fight for a fair deal for young people and their parents by investing in their future. We will pledge to double spending on youth services, spending an extra £1bn a year so that local councils can provide a variety of activities that give young people fun and affordable things to do.  Our plan to fund 2000 Young People’s Centres would create dedicated spaces for young people to meet and be creative. The centres would also offer access to information and specialist support for teenagers in difficulty.

The Green Party opposes City Academies and Trust Schools as we believe that schools should be governed in the interests of children and their parents, not through private indviduals or businesses.  We would recruit and retain more teachers by allowing them greater freedom and, to remove one of the main reasons teachers leave teaching, ensure their paperwork is greatly reduced.

We take the views of young people seriously and champion the expansion of school councils and what they are able to do.  Jonathan Hornett, Wellingborough Parliamentary Candidate and School Governor states “Both of my schools both have very active school councils and this gives all the children a say in the direction of the schools, which helps the schools and the children to create better learning environments which benefits all that have connections to the schools.”

Many local children do come from deprived backgrounds and this is why we believe that education needs to be free and why we want to provide free schools meals too.  Every young person under the age of 18, and in full time education would also be entitled to off-peak free bus fares.  All children, even those with disabilities and special educational needs, will be given the opportunity to attend their local school, which will provide diverse support for people with special needs.

We’re in favour of the voting age going down to 16 – if you can drive a motor bike, marry and work, thus pay tax; why should you not have the opportunity to decide on your future.

Our position on tuition fees and student loans means that under Green Party policy, students will not have to pay tuition fees. The Green Party supports grants not loans, providing a basic income sufficient for needs while in full time education.

Stop The Badger Cull…Sign The Petition

April 25, 2010

We call upon the National Assembly of Wales to urge the Welsh Government to review the decision to undertake a Badger cull pilot scheme in North Pembrokeshire due to commence in May 2010. This review should be done in the light of the of the recent report published by Imperial College which queries the long term effectiveness of badger culls in reducing Bovine TB. We call for the pilot scheme to focus on improving farm biodiversity safety and other measures as opposed to culling.

Elin Jones stated in March 2009 that from the evidence available that a cull is necessary, yet there are reports and articles stating that various pilot schemes regarding culling have not established the extent of the role the Badger plays in spreading Bovine TB. There is also information that in certain areas where culls have taken place previously Bovine TB has actually increased in cattle, all this at the tax payers expense.

The cull could also affect the tourism industry of Wales, as hotels, caravan parks and indeed many farmer’s coastal cottages used for holiday rental that promote local wildlife, with the badger being part of this are in the cull area. Many badgers live in secluded areas that often cross coastal and bridal paths, how will holiday makers not see the evidence of this destruction, as culled badgers are to have post mortems carried out on them, this means their bodies will need to be transported through these areas in peak season.

A variety of British species carry Bovine TB, eradicating badgers in certain areas cannot eradicate Bovine TB.

Stop The Badger Cull…Sign the petition by 26/4/2010 here

Lib Dems “the biggest eco-charlatans on this part of the planet”

April 25, 2010

A Green Party spokesperson today branded the Lib Dems “the biggest eco-charlatans on this part of the planet”:

“Objectively speaking, the Lib Dems are the least trustworthy party on the environment. They have proven themselves the party most likely to say one thing and do another. Their track record is spotty to say the least.

“They say they want a low-carbon economy with new green jobs. But last week they revealed a plan to put the pathetic sum of £3bn into this, promising only a few thousand new jobs. The Green Party, on the other hand, has started with science-based CO2 targets, done the arithmetic and shown how to pay for a £44bn green investment package, which would create over a million new jobs.

“The Lib Dems talk about stopping roadbuilding but they’ve supported practically every new road from the Newbury bypass to the M74, and they’re still supporting the Lancaster Northern Bypass. They opposed Heathrow’s third runway but they’ve supported Manchester’s second runway and airport expansions just about everywhere else. They talk about green waste management but they currently support incinerator projects in Exeter, Plymouth and Barnstaple. In Essex they’ve proclaimed support for a zero waste strategy, which means no incineration, but they’re still supporting incinerators in Essex.

“They say they want a zero carbon economy by 2050, but they’ve opposed windfarm proposals in Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon and Worcestershire. In Lewisham they recently voted against a Green Party budget package that would have insulated 25,000 homes for free.

“In their proposed ‘green tax switch’ the Lib Dems promised to ‘cut income tax and switch to green taxes on pollution instead’ – which means either we’d have less money for schools and hospitals as we reduce pollution, or else we have to keep polluting in order to keep the tax revenue coming in. Frankly, the Lib Dems are the biggest eco-charlatans on this part of the planet.”

Global Poverty

April 22, 2010

Global poverty has always been something this country has talked about, but actually not followed through on.  Now with economic uncertainties our government will find another excuse to wriggle out of its commitments again.  This as you are aware is something that seams to happen over and over again resulting in the status quo we have had for the past 40 years; and it will continue if we keep on doing the same old thing with the same old parties of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats, over and over again.  The one thing I have noticed from these leaders debates is how much they all sound the same.

The Green Party has policies to make trade fair, which is all most developing countries are asking for, and to give enough aid to others that need more help.  I too simply can not understand how children are dying from simply treated ailments or starvation in 2010.  This is totally unacceptable, is easily preventable and should be the mainstay of our foreign policies, not fighting wars in Afghanistan, for people that do not want us to fight wars for them.  There are a lot worse situations in Africa that need positive intervention now to avoid catastrophic outcomes, but the government has not done anything.

While other parties are talking about being fair, the Green Party states fair is worth fighting for, and that means fair for everyone, everywhere.

How green are the Liberal Democrats?

April 22, 2010

The Liberal Democrats say one thing about the environment at the national level and do something else entirely at the local

As a Green I get very annoyed by political parties’ green claims when it’s so often just wordy green wash, not backed by action. For example, Liberal Democrat environment policy is one of the great enigmas of modern British politics. The Lib Dems so often proclaim good policy, and so commonly don’t stick to it. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that what’s most consistent about them is their inconsistency. And they have remained true to this principle historically.

Back in the 1990s Paddy Ashdown’s Lib Dems wanted a moratorium on road building. But they wholeheartedly supported the Newbury bypass, the Batheaston bypass, and so on, right up to the M74 extension in Scotland. This year Norman Baker has been saying a Lib Dem government would stop spending on road building; but his colleagues in Lancashire are still supporting the Lancaster northern bypass. They have spoken in favour of congestion charging nationally, but against it in Edinburgh, Manchester and York.

They have a tendency to say one thing at the national level and do something else at the local – though not consistently. In the 2002 local elections the Lib Dems lost control of Sheffield council by arguing for a new incinerator, and gained control of Hull by campaigning against an incinerator. They currently support incinerator projects in Exeter, Plymouth and Barnstaple, and also in Essex, despite having proclaimed support for a zero waste strategy – which means no incineration.

They want a zero carbon economy by 2050 – in principle. But they have opposed wind farm proposals in Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon and Worcestershire. In Lewisham they recently voted against a Green party budget package that would have insulated 25,000 homes for free. And when it comes to aviation, the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, it varies.

The Lib Dems have opposed the expansion of Heathrow, but have been happy to expand Birmingham, Carlisle, Exeter, Liverpool and Norwich airports. They were wildly enthusiastic about Manchester airport’s second runway – except in Stockport, which lies under the flight path. And then, having supported a £172m second runway, doubling Manchester airport’s business in the space of a decade, the local Lib Dems have recently been campaigning against a new airport warehouse, in order to save a local cottage. The Save Rose Cottage campaign features in their local publicity as an example of their environmental credentials.

It seems the Lib Dems know much more about pursuing the Green vote than about pursuing Green policies and it shows they don’t get it, and that’s a huge annoyance to those of us who do.

Follow the ‘Fox Tour’

April 22, 2010

This week the League Against Cruel Sports has embarked on its ‘Fox Tour’ of constituencies where hunting is a key issue.  On Monday they were in Corby.

They are going to towns and cities up and down the country to talk to Parliamentary Candidates about hunting, and to tell them that the public don’t want to see stag hunting, hare coursing and hare hunting, and fox hunting all made legal again.

You can follow the Fox Tour on their website and on YouTube. They’ll be posting a new film every day from now until the election.  Watch their film from Corby by clicking here.

Across the country, many candidates have now told us their views on hunting, and these have been published on the Keep Cruelty History website. But some candidates have ignored our questions, and they need your help to push them for answers. Candidates can ignore them, but they’re very unlikely to ignore you, their elector.

Take Action NOW by contacting the candidates in your area to ask them where they stand on repeal of the Hunting Act.

With an election just two weeks away, we must ACT NOW to Keep Cruelty History. Please, please help the League and the Green Party by contacting your local candidates now – it only takes a few clicks.